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Watson-Marlow to Showcase Award-Winning Fluid Management Technology at the 2024 Wine & Grape Symposium

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Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) will be exhibiting its award-winning fluid management technology at the Wine & Grape Symposium from January 23rd to 25th at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento, California. At this leading event for enology, viticulture, and winegrape growing, WMFTS will showcase its technology at Booth 808 alongside Crush Fabricators, a custom stainless steel fabrication shop that uses WMFTS’s Certa Compact pump in their wine production.

Vintners at the show can experience first hand how WMFTS’s MasoSine Certa Sine® and Bredel line of pump solutions expand productivity and increase efficiency levels while maintaining pump quality. These pumps allow vintners to tackle complex challenges in the winemaking process, such as the handling of sensitive fluids and slurries with different viscosity levels and particulate sizes.

2024 01 05 112129Certa Sine pumps deliver a gentle pumping action that is ideal for highly viscous fluids via its sophisticated sinusoidal design. Built to the EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I standard with 3A and FDA certifications, these pumps are an ideal solution for winemaking, eliminating the risk of aeration and unwanted oxygenation. With a max flow rate of 1124 GPM under 217 psi max operating pressures, Certa Sine® ensures a smooth product flow.

The Certa Compact pump is the latest member of WMFTS’s family of Certa Sine pumps. With an innovative space-saving model, the Certa Compact enables 20% footprint reduction while maintaining the integrity of a premium pump. This unique pump is ideal for applications up to 87 PSI, and its novel design empowers vintners to maximize space without compromising pump quality.

WMFTS’s Bredel line of peristaltic hose pumps offers many benefits to wineries and bottling centers, with large-capacity pumps designed to handle heavy slurries with a high density of suspended particles. Peristaltic pumps ensure safe transfer of grape and berry must by pumping the must through a secure hose without seals or contact with moving parts. In addition to the transfer of must, Bredel pumps can successfully transfer wines between storage tanks and barrels by offering accurate and repeatable metering capabilities.

Visit WMFTS at the Wine & Grape symposium to see for yourself how cutting-edge fluid transfer technology can transform your business, while also providing high energy efficiency and low maintenance that leads to substantial cost savings.

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