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Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions Creates Pumps Ideal for Applications In the Over-the-Counter Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals Market

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Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) creates powerful and precise pumps that are ideal for applications in the over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals market. Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals demand utmost accuracy and safety throughout the production process. With comprehensively validated performance and convenient clean-in-place maintenance, the highly controlled and hygienic flow of WMFTS pumps help achieve the rigorous quality required for these specialised products.

The MasoSine Certa Sine® sinusoidal pump is certified up to EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I standards, ensuring a clean transfer of products such as suppositories and oils. The pump also handles viscosity remarkably well. In fact, it is the best NIPR/NPSHR product in the market. This helps to transfer products such as gels, ointments, and creams while reducing the risk of cavitation. And with one shaft, one rotor, one seal, and no timing gears, the pump ultimately accomplishes a lower total cost of ownership than lobe pumps.

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For products like cough syrup, Watson-Marlow and Bredel peristaltic pumps provide gentle handling and dependability. These FDA compliant pumps perform metering with pinpoint accuracy, providing perfect dosing to ensure the consistency of the end product. These peristaltic pumps also provide unique benefits for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, such as vitamins, supplements, pills, and fish oils. These pumps reduce waste and cut costs by delivering fluids with extreme accuracy. The complete closure of the tube when it is squeezed also isolates the fluid, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

Products such as over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals play a vital role in people’s health. And so, they deserve the most powerful and precise pump the market has to offer. For more information about the diverse range of pumps that WMFTS delivers, visit

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