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Vianode signs Antwerp Declaration to elevate industrialisation on the European Strategic Agenda

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Vianode, an advanced battery materials company providing sustainable anode graphite solutions, has signed the Antwerp Declaration to support revitalisation and strengthening of Europe's industrial landscape.

The Antwerp Declaration is a visionary call to action for embedding industrialisation at the heart of the European Strategic Agenda for 2024-2029. This declaration seeks to establish a European Industrial Deal based on ten concrete initiatives to support industrial innovation and production as key drivers for future growth and sustainability.

2024 03 25 090909Vianode's CEO, Burkhard Straube, expressed great support for the initiative: “The Antwerp Declaration resonates with our mission to support decarbonising transportation through our advanced battery materials. Our strategic roadmap is clear: to supply on a large industrial scale low-emission, high-performance anode graphite solutions that are essential for sustainable batteries and EVs. This commitment not only highlights our dedication to innovation but also our role in driving a competitive, sustainable, and resilient future for the European industry."

Vianode has produced anode graphite solutions at its industrial pilot plant in Kristiansand, Norway since 2021. In 2022, the company opened its technology center at the same site and the company is now preparing start-up of the first full scale production plant at Herøya, Norway.

“We will deliver our first large-scale made-in-Europe customer samples later this year and have ambitions to contribute to shaping Europe's sustainable industrialisation”, Chief Commercial Officer Stefan Bergold added.

Echoing the importance of this initiative, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, host of the Antwerp industry summit, emphasised: "We need our industry for their innovation capacity. To come up with tomorrow’s climate solutions. That is why Europe should not only be a continent of industrial innovation but should remain a continent of industrial production."

Vianode is dedicated to spearheading industrial innovation and was last year selected to lead a USD 7 million project supported by the Norwegian Research Council. The initiative targets to develop cutting-edge technologies for data capture and advanced process control, thereby reinforcing its commitment to the Antwerp Declaration's vision of a sustainable and innovative European industrial landscape.

Vianode is also awarded a EUR 30 million IPCEI EUBatIn grant designed to expedite green transition innovations to market at scale and a EUR 90 million grant from the EU Innovation Fund to support the preparation of large-scale innovative production of battery materials.

Launched earlier this year, the Antwerp Declaration had more than 800 signatories of which close to 600 are companies as of March 25 2024.

About Vianode
Vianode is an advanced battery materials company providing sustainable anode graphite solutions for the battery and EV value chains in North America and Europe. Vianode’s breakthrough solution enables tailored high-performance synthetic anode graphite and a holistic sustainability offering including a 90% reduction in CO2 footprint. The company is currently preparing to start its full scale plant at Herøya, Norway, before executing its multi-billion dollar phased investment program for large-scale plants in North America and Europe. The long-term ambition is to supply advanced battery materials to 3 million EVs per year by 2030. Vianode is owned by the world-leading industrial and financial companies Hydro and Altor.

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