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Golden Malt Introduces New Australian Superfoods to Northern European Market – Health Friendly Barley Challenges Oat

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Golden Malt has entered into an agreement with The Healthy Grain of Australia to bring health-promoting barley to the Nordic and Baltic markets. BARLEYmax™, developed by Australia’s CSIRO and commercialized by The Healthy Grain, is a fibrous whole grain product that is suitable for a large variety of everyday foods such as breakfast, bakery, and snack products.

According to The Healthy Grain of Australia: BARLEYmax™ was developed to address the four major chronic diseases of our time – heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and colo-rectal cancer.

2021 11 08 093240As a digestive aid, BARLEYmax™ beats oats with up to 70% higher beta-glucan content. BARLEYmax™ whole grain includes twice the dietary fiber of traditional barley, as well as a unique combination of prebiotic fibres. Beta-glucan is a long-chain carbohydrate and human dietary fiber that forms an intestinal cholesterol-lowering gel. The prebiotic fibres found in BARLEYmax® help support a healthy gut microbiome and good gut function.

BARLEYmax™ has been developed using conventional breeding methods. The BARLEYmax™, six-row spring-type, variety has been in field trials in Northern Europe by Golden Malt.

“Despite that the last season growing conditions were very challenging for spring cereals, BARLEYmax™ performed promisingly in our trials. We are going to provide the first test production batched to our industrial partners during this fall and winter.” - says Eero Nissilä, CEO of Golden Malt.

BARLEYmax™ products have already entered Australian and Asian markets, and especially in Japan, health-conscious consumers are excited about it. In addition to BARLEYmax™, Golden Malt's collaboration with The Healthy Grain covers another unique cereal, gluten-free barley Kebari®, which addresses the growing market demand for virtually non-gluten products. In order to develop new Kebari® varieties specifically adapted for Northern European growing conditions, Golden Malt has started cooperation with a Danish company Sejet Plant Breeding.

Golden Malt

Golden Malt is a Finnish startup dedicated to the development and production of novel premium quality cereal and specialty crop-based products. Golden Malt is a crop value chain management specialist with expertise from raw materials to processing and market products. Golden Malt's particular business area is grain and seed products processed through germination. The joint production company of Golden Malt and Trans Farm will start in early 2022 an industrial scale germinated hemp seed production in Oitti, Finland.

The Healthy Grain

The Healthy Grain specialises in commercialising unique, non-GM, nutritionally superior wholegrains, with substantiated health claim benefits to enhance the health and wellbeing of people across the globe. The suite of grains within The Healthy Grain’s portfolio is protected internationally by trademarks and patents. The Healthy Grain is jointly owned by CSIRO, Australian Capital Ventures Limited (ACVL – a Canberra-based venture capital company), and Teijin Limited of Japan.

Kielo Growth

Kielo Growth is a 100% privately owned startup investor, business community and angel investor family, with their main purpose to create new business ventures in the Greater Oulu Area and the entire Northern Finland. Kielo is an active participant in Oulu’s startup ecosystem supporting startups and growth business ventures in the area with a special intrest in startups impacting UNSDGs.

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