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The world’s number one aggregates and ready-mixed concrete firm Heidelberg Materials has revealed a new single-step alternative fuel production line in India, with the help of UNTHA shredding technology.

The system has been installed at the Yerraguntla cement plant in Andhra Pradesh, owned and operated by Zuari Cement — a Heidelberg Materials Group company. This well-known Indian firm has a cement manufacturing capacity of 7.1 million tonnes per annum.

Handling both pre-sorted and unsorted municipal solid waste collected from throughout the region, it can process 20 tonnes of 100-500kg/m³ density material per hour, to produce a renewable fossil fuel substitute, used to fuel the cement plant.

An UNTHA XR3000C shredder designed for continuous operation in 50°C temperatures, lies at the heart of the facility. With in-feed and discharge conveyors including a magnetic belt for metal separation, the plant can achieve a high-quality, homogenous 80mm output in a single pass. The segregated metal content is separated and the residual on-specification fraction is used by Zuari Cement as RDF (refuse derived fuel).

Commenting on this co-processing project, Heidelberg Materials’ AF expert Robert Sweigart, said: “When we began the search for a shredder for this facility, we had stringent requirements. We sought heavy duty technology that can withstand the pressures of shredding unsorted waste, and achieve refined fuel, in impressive quantities, in only one step. Our global experience was helpful in drawing up a shortlist, then we found the UNTHA XR3000C to have a number of technical advantages over competitors. The machine operates at a lower speed without compromising on capacity, for example, which results in lower wear. This means more uptime and lower whole life running costs.”

2023 09 13 111255

Mr Manish Shah, Head of the India Technical Center, added: “This shredder is easy to install, operate and maintain, meets our expectations in terms of performance and allows us to vastly improve our flexibility to co-process various kinds of alternative fuels available in the market. The goal is for our co-processing facility to produce 8000-10,000 tonnes of RDF per year.”

The versatile UNTHA XR3000C shredder has been engineered to handle a range of input materials with ease — including those notoriously considered too difficult to process or economically unshreddable. Zuari Cement has already proven the machine’s flexibility, having shredded MSW, as well as industrial plastics, textiles, tyres, rubber, paper and biomass materials requiring further refinement for optimal co-processing.

Co-processing is an emerging market in India, and one that Zuari Cement and Heidelberg are keen to spearhead, concluded Technical Director Vimal Jain.

“We are passionate about driving environmental progress throughout our business, and the use of alternative fuels is one way to do that,” he explained. “But this waste-to-energy feedstock comes at a cost, which is why co-processing makes so much sense. When designing this plant, we needed to ensure versatility to allow for changing market conditions, and an investment in technology that makes commercial sense and is built to last.”

Commenting on the project, UNTHA's business development manager Taner Topcu said: "As a brand, we are working hard to further develop our relationships with cement manufacturers on a global basis, with recent success in countries ranging from Türkiye, France to Brazil – as well as now, India. I am delighted to be working with an organisation as prestigious as Heidelberg, and I look forward to seeing how our collaboration progresses in future."

UNTHA has commissioned alternative fuel production shredders in countries throughout Asia, with more than 13,000 shredders now in operation worldwide.

Mitsubishi Electric’s new MELSEC FX5S PLC is designed to support businesses on their digital transformation journey, offering a cost-effective, easy-to-use control solution. The latest addition to the MELSEC iQ-F series of compact, high-performance PLCs is ideal for simple, straightforward applications in the food and beverage, water and machining industries, for example. It offers Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) functions for effective entry-level industrial automation applications.

The FX5S is easy to configure and use, streamlining deployment and enabling users to quickly set up installations. This intuitive system also delivers the level of high-speed performance required by accurate positioning applications.
End users and machine builders can leverage Mitsubishi Electric’s FX5S to develop and implement cost-effective machines with up to 60 I/O points. These solutions support IIoT connectivity and functionalities. Therefore, they minimize the investment necessary to advance in the digitalisation of key operations and start creating future-oriented smart factories.
In particular, when looking at IIoT capabilities, the solution offers data logging and data flow analysis functions to speed up and enhance troubleshooting and root cause analysis. As the PLC features a built-in web server, operators can also remotely access these functions and monitor operations at any time, further improving responsiveness and flexibility.
Source: Mitsubishi Electric Europe, GermanySource: Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Germany
Thanks to its compatibility with CC-Link IE Field Basic, an open industrial Ethernet technology, the controller can be seamlessly linked with other factory automation devices such as HMIs, drives and remote I/O. This ensures reliable communications and facilitates the creation of interconnected shop floors.
Mitsubishi Electric’s FX5S is a compact and highly capable controller that can support companies in advancing on their digitalisation journeys. For additional information on the product, please visit:

About Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
With more than 100 years of experience in providing reliable, high-quality products, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) is a recognized world leader in the manufacture, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment used in information processing and communications, space development and satellite communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and building equipment. Mitsubishi Electric enriches society with technology in the spirit of its “Changes for the Better.” The company recorded a revenue of 5,003.6 billion yen (U.S.$ 37,3 billion*) in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023.  For more information please visit

*U.S. dollar amounts are translated from yen at the rate of ¥134=U.S.$1, the approximate rate on the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on March 31, 2022

About Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Business Group
Offering a vast range of automation and processing technologies, including controllers, drive products, power distribution and control products, electrical discharge machines, laser processing machines, computerized numerical controllers, and industrial robots, Mitsubishi Electric helps bring higher productivity – and quality – to the factory floor. In addition, its extensive service networks around the globe provide direct communication and comprehensive support to customers. The global slogan “Automating the World” shows the company’s approach to leverage automation for the betterment of society, through the application of advanced technology, sharing know-how and supporting customers as a trusted partner.For more about the story behind “Automating the World” please visit:

About Factory Automation EMEA
Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., Factory Automation EMEA has its European headquarters in Ratingen near Dusseldorf, Germany. It is a part of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. that has been represented in Germany since 1978, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan.
The role of Factory Automation EMEA is to manage sales, service and support across its network of local branches and distributors throughout the EMEA region. For more information, please visit:

About e-F@ctory>
e-F@ctory is Mitsubishi Electric’s integrated concept to build reliable and flexible manufacturing systems that enable users to achieve many of their high speed, information driven manufacturing aspirations. Through its partner solution activity, the e-F@ctory Alliance, and its work with open network associations such as The CC-Link Partners Association (CLPA), users can build comprehensive solutions based on a wide ranging “best in class” principle.
In summary, e-F@ctory and the e-F@ctory Alliance enable customers to achieve integrated manufacturing but still retain the ability to choose the most optimal suppliers and solutions.

*e-F@ctory, iQ Platform are trademarks of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Japan and other countries.
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To support pioneering mmWave and sub-THz research, Rohde & Schwarz continues to roll out advanced RF test and measurement solutions. Three additional products tailored to W and D band applications will be showcased at the EuMW 2023 in Berlin: The new R&S SFI100A wideband IF vector signal generator, the R&S NRP170TWG thermal power sensor and the R&S FE110ST/SR TX/RX frontends. All three enable researchers to characterize devices and circuits for beyond 5G and 6G mobile communications as well as the novel sensing and automotive radar applications of tomorrow.

At the European Microwave Week 2023 (EuMW) in Berlin, Rohde & Schwarz will showcase three new product innovations; the R&S SFI100A, the R&S NRP170TWG and the R&S FE110ST/SR. The new instruments seamlessly complement existing cutting-edge RF test solutions for applications in the W band (75 GHz to 110 GHz) and D band (110 GHz to 170 GHz) and meet early sub-THz testing needs for beyond 5G and 6G research.

The R&S SFI100A wideband IF vector signal generator connected to an R&S FExxxST up-conversion frontend.The R&S SFI100A wideband IF vector signal generator connected to an R&S FExxxST up-conversion frontend.R&S SFI100A wideband IF vector signal generator
Rohde & Schwarz will give a first demonstration of the new R&S SFI100A wideband IF vector signal generator, developed to meet bandwidth needs for demanding applications, such as early 6G research, high capacity wireless backhaul, fixed wireless access, sensing and automotive radar. The compact, user-friendly instrument has a very wide RF modulation bandwidth of up to 10 GHz and generates fully calibrated IF signals. The R&S SFI100A connects seamlessly with an R&S FExxxST up-conversion frontend to cover different frequency ranges and provide full control of the frontend, letting the solution act as a single instrument. In addition to the IF interface, the R&S SFI100A also has analog IQ outputs, ideal for wideband signal generation in the baseband. At the EuMW, Rohde & Schwarz will show the R&S SFI100A combined with the R&S FSW50 signal and spectrum analyzer and R&S FE170ST/SR TX/RX frontends to upconvert and downconvert signals, and the new R&S NRP170TWG thermal power sensor for the D band. Together, the instruments are a complete and streamlined wideband D band communication testing solution.

R&S NRP170TWG(N) thermal power sensor
The new R&S NRP170TWG(N) will extend the thermal RF power sensors portfolio from Rohde & Schwarz to include the precision measurement of power levels in the frequency range from 110 GHz to 170 GHz. The sensors come in two models; the R&S NRP170TWG (connected via USB) and the R&S NRP170TWGN (connected via USB and LAN) and will be the only plug & play power sensors on the market for D band measurements. Specification highlights include a dynamic range from –35 dBm to +20 dBm, outstanding performance and excellent impedance matching. The thermal power sensors will be the fastest and only RF power sensors on the market for the D band that meet mass production requirements. They are fully compatible with the other D band test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

R&S FE110ST/SR TX/RX frontends
The new R&S FE110ST/SR TX/RX frontends extend the frequency range of Rohde & Schwarz signal sources such as the R&S SMW200A vector signal generator or the new R&S SFI100A wideband IF vector signal generator as well as the R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer to cover the W band (75 GHz to 110 GHz). They complement the company’s portfolio of easy-to-mount frontends. At the EuMW, Rohde & Schwarz will showcase them in a setup of multi-port measurements in combination with the R&S SMW200A vector signal generator and the R&S RTP oscilloscope.

The three latest additions to the mmWave and sub-THz test portfolio for W band and D band applications; the R&S SFI100A, R&S NRP170TWG and the R&S FE110ST/SR will be available soon from Rohde & Schwarz. Visitors to the EuMW 2023 can see them live from September 19 to 21, 2023, at booth H105 at the Messe Berlin Hub27. For more information on the portfolio and updates on the product launches, visit:

SolarEdge Technologies, a global leader in smart energy technology, today announced the U.S. launch of its new high-power, three-phase SolarEdge 330kW Inverter and its complementing H1300 Power Optimizer for community solar, agri-PV and small-to-medium scale ground mount utility PV applications.

The SolarEdge 330kW Inverter lends itself both to distributed and centralized location topology, in which large-scale 330kW inverters can be installed in a central location while also providing SolarEdge’s benefits of Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE), that include more energy for improved ROI, design flexibility, advanced safety solutions, as well as module-level monitoring.

SolarEdge’s new inverter and dedicated Power Optimizer solution is designed to help lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) by yielding more energy production over the system’s lifetime through 99% inverter efficiency, 200% DC-oversizing and an integrated PID rectifier. A lower LCOE can be achieved by reducing Balance of System (BoS) costs by up to 50% with fewer and longer strings.

With the majority of site issues traditionally occurring in the DC array, SolarEdge’s technology provides continuous and granular visibility to achieve higher uptime and lower operation and maintenance costs.

SolarEdge Community Solar installation in Rhode Island.SolarEdge Community Solar installation in Rhode Island.

Zvi Lando, Chief Executive Officer of SolarEdge, commented: We are pleased to bring the benefits of power optimization and high-resolution monitoring to the utility solar segment with the introduction of our new high-power SolarEdge 330kW Inverter. With the industry seeking solutions that improve both scalability and economics for community solar, we anticipate that DC-optimization will be critical to maximizing ROI and bringing value to investors.”

With the design flexibility to overcome module mismatch and shading losses on uneven and irregular terrains, the new solution is well-suited for the rapidly growing community solar market. For developers, this presents more options for finding and utilizing sites that qualify for IRA tax incentives (Energy Communities and Low-Medium Income bonus credit incentives). The new solution can also reduce the need for site grading, thus helping to conserve resources.

The SolarEdge 330kW Inverter is now available for orders in the U.S. for projects with installations scheduled for 2024 and beyond, and is expected to be gradually available for orders in additional regions later this year. The technology will be on display at the SolarEdge RE+ Booth #3311.

About SolarEdge

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. By leveraging world-class engineering capabilities and with a relentless focus on innovation, SolarEdge creates smart energy solutions that power our lives and drive future progress. SolarEdge developed an intelligent inverter solution that changed the way power is harvested and managed in photovoltaic (PV) systems. The SolarEdge DC optimized inverter seeks to maximize power generation while lowering the cost of energy produced by the PV system. Continuing to advance smart energy, SolarEdge addresses a broad range of energy market segments through its PV, storage, EV charging, batteries, electric vehicle powertrains, and grid services solutions. Visit us at:

Mammoet’s creative engineering and innovative equipment deliver safe and efficient load-out and offshore installation operations for the Azeri Central East (ACE) production, drilling and quarters platform in the Caspian.

Mammoet, the global leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a remarkable project that showcases its commitment to efficient solutions and safety.

2023 09 13 111653

Through creative engineering and the use of its state-of-the-art equipment, Mammoet has achieved a significant milestone – the safe and efficient load-out and offshore installation of a massive offshore platform. This achievement is part of the Azeri Central East (ACE) project, the next  phase of the development of the bp-operated Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Gunashli (ACG) field  in the Caspian Sea.

Mammoet’s scope included the weighing, jack-up, load-out and floatover installation operations of the 19,600-tonne production, drilling, and quarters (PDQ) platform. Leveraging its comprehensive engineering capabilities, Mammoet ensured the precise transfer of the platform's topsides unit from the quayside onto the transportation barge STB-1 and subsequently onto the jacket foundation offshore. Prior to its departure, the topsides unit underwent meticulous commissioning and operational testing onshore, significantly reducing offshore installation and start-up activities.

Engineered solutions

At the quayside, the topsides unit was expertly jacked up to a height of 17 meters and then gently lowered onto a custom loadout support frame, utilising Mammoet's largest jacking system – Mega Jack 5200. The unit was then smoothly skidded onto the barge, where it was sea-fastened and prepared for its voyage to the ACG field. The skidding operation onto the barge's deck was accomplished using four 900-tonne strandjacks, break-out jacks, high capacity ballast system, load monitoring quay jacks comprising of six 600-tonne jacks, and mooring winches.  

Upon its arrival at the designated field location, Mammoet executed the installation of the topside unit onto the jacket foundation through a floatover operation. The barge was precisely positioned over the substructure and the topsides unit was then lowered onto the substructure, while maintaining the barge’s position. The barge’s internal ballasting and winching system was enhanced with Mammoet’s float-over winches and configurable high-flow rapid ballast system. This enhancement added an additional flow capability of approximately 32,000m3/hr. This centrally controlled and monitored ballast system ensured real-time oversight, guaranteeing operational continuity and a safe floatover process.

2023 09 13 111718

The project's success is not only marked by its technical achievements but also by its outstanding safety record. Throughout the construction of the 19,600-tonne topsides unit, more than 21 million hours were worked injury-free. This unit, comprising vital oil and gas processing facilities, an integrated drilling rig, a gas compressor, and living quarters, was expertly constructed by Azfen in the Bayil fabrication yard, utilizing local infrastructure and resources.

Mammoet played a key role in the integration of the platform’s DES and MDSM modules, totaling 2,400 and 2,350 tonnes respectively, showcasing the company's multi-faceted capabilities. The combination of Mammoet's advanced jacking and skidding systems, along with SPMTs, ensured a seamless and secure operation.

Looking ahead, drilling is expected to commence in the coming months with the delivery of ACE's first oil projected to begin in early 2024.

Dan Kempin, Business Development Manager for Mammoet, commented: “As we continue to redefine industry standards through our innovative solutions and steadfast commitment to safety, the successful loadout and float over operations of this massive topsides unit stands as a testament to Mammoet's dedication to excellence in engineered heavy lifting and transport.”

About Mammoet

Mammoet helps clients with Smarter, Safer and Stronger solutions to any heavy lifting or transport challenge. We aim to develop long term relationships in order to understand their businesses and challenges best, so we can realize the most efficient and cost-effective approaches. We have a unique global network and an unparalleled fleet of equipment. Through deep and longstanding engineering expertise and the highest quality and safety standards in execution we bring an intelligent and flexible approach to projects across a wide breadth of industry sectors. Clients trust us to help them achieve feats that were once considered impossible, and we have often broken records in doing so. For more information, visit

NordVPN, a leading cybersecurity company, launched its first experimental project under the NordLabs platform. The AI-enabled browser extension Sonar aims to help internet users detect phishing emails and protect themselves from cybercrimes.

“AI tools have facilitated the automation of a significant portion of phishing attacks, and it is anticipated that the frequency of such attacks will escalate in the future, posing a significant cybersecurity threat. With this new release we aim to fight fire with fire. Sonar is based on the large language model technology used by ChatGPT so it will help internet users better identify phishing emails in the changing environment of cybercrimes,” says Vykintas Maknickas, the head of product strategy at Nord Security.

2023 09 13 105929Developed by NordVPN’s team of engineers and developers, Sonar will warn users on how likely the email they received is a phishing scam. It will also point out which aspects of the email affected evaluation results and explain what signs to look out for. As of today, Sonar will be available for Gmail users on Google Chrome with more platforms to follow.

Technology enthusiasts who have already signed up on the NordLabs platform can expect approval to install and test the Sonar browser extension. Unregistered users can still sign up on the waiting list to access Sonar and upcoming experimental projects.

“We invite everyone to test Sonar and future experimental projects completely free of charge and provide us with feedback. It will help us, the technology community, and every internet user to understand the best ways to curb cutting-edge technologies for a better and safer internet,” says Maknickas.

Recently, NordVPN launched NordLabs – a platform to explore emerging technologies, such as AI, and create new tools and services to ensure the security and privacy of internet users. The platform allows exclusive access to innovative projects developed by NordVPN before they become mainstream. 

NordVPN is also planning to launch another project in the NordLabs platform in September. An AI-enabled tool called Pixray will help to distinguish AI-generated images from those created through traditional means. 


NordVPN is the world’s most advanced VPN service provider, used by millions of internet users worldwide. NordVPN provides double VPN encryption and Onion Over VPN and guarantees privacy with zero tracking. One of the key features of the product is Threat Protection, which blocks malicious websites, malware during downloads, trackers, and ads. NordVPN is very user friendly, offers one of the best prices on the market, and has over 5,000 servers in 60 countries worldwide. For more information:

The hype for blue hydrogen has spread across the United States, thanks to backing from the fossil fuel industry and incentives from the U.S. government. Without offering any proof, advocates repeatedly tout blue hydrogen as a clean, low-carbon way to produce energy from methane or coal, while reducing the world’s greenhouse gases emissions.

But Blue Hydrogen: Not clean, not low carbon, not a solution, a new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), demonstrates that blue hydrogen is neither clean nor low-carbon and is not a solution to the global climate crisis.

The report finds that the U.S. government significantly understates the impact of producing hydrogen from fossil fuels on global warming in at least four ways:

  • It assumes that just 1% of the methane being used to produce hydrogen will be emitted into the atmosphere between the well and the production facility. This is far less than recent peer-reviewed scientific analyses have found and that has been identified by airplane and satellite emission surveys.
  • It focuses solely on the 100-year Global Warming Potential (GWP) of methane, a very potent greenhouse gas. This significantly understates methane’s environmental impact on global warming, since its 20-year GWP is more than 80 times that of carbon dioxide while its 100-year GWP is much lower.
  • Contrary to scientific evidence, it assumes that hydrogen does not have any effect on global warming when it leaks into the atmosphere.
  • It relies on the overly optimistic and unproven assumption that hydrogen production projects will be able to capture almost all of the carbon dioxide they create.

2023 09 13 105459

“If the U.S. Department of Energy used more realistic numbers in its analyses, it would be clear blue hydrogen is an extremely dirty alternative,” said David Schlissel, IEEFA director of resource planning analysis and co-author of the report. “The reality is, blue hydrogen is not clean or low- carbon. Pursuing this technology is wasting precious time and diverting attention from investing in more effective measures to combat global warming like wind and solar resources, battery storage and energy efficiency.”

The report analyzes the carbon intensity of blue hydrogen over a range of possible future methane emission rates, hydrogen leakage, and the effectiveness of carbon capture. But even using very favorable assumptions, it is clear that the fuel is simply not low-carbon.

According to co-author and IEEFA analyst Anika Juhn, “there is significant risk that funding of blue hydrogen projects by the government and investors actually will make global warming worse by encouraging the building of projects that will emit large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for decades.”

Full Report: Blue Hydrogen: Not clean, not low carbon, not a solution

About IEEFA: The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) examines issues related to energy markets, trends and policies. IEEFA’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a diverse, sustainable and profitable energy economy.

At the European Microwave Week (EuMW) (Berlin, September 17-22, 2023), dSPACE will show how software updates make radar target simulators more accurate and powerful so that radar sensors and applications can be reliably tested in development, production, quality assurance, and maintenance.

The increasing performance of the latest generation of radar equipment results in growing requirements for testing. With a range of new software functions, dSPACE makes it possible to meet these test requirements. This applies to both new DARTS radar target simulators and existing equipment – a clear demonstration of the importance dSPACE places on the security of your investment in DARTS radar target simulators.

The new functions can be seen in action at EuMW in the Radar Test Bench Compact 3D and in several demonstrations of individual DARTS.The new functions can be seen in action at EuMW in the Radar Test Bench Compact 3D and in several demonstrations of individual DARTS.

The software updates will primarily improve the fidelity of dynamically moving radar targets. This is important because newer radars can, for example, detect the speed of a radar target with much higher accuracy by evaluating a combination of different properties of the radar target. Inter-frame switching, for example, ensures that the signal integrity of all radar frames is maintained even for high-accuracy radar sensors in highly dynamic scenarios.

"We make the new functions available free of charge as part of our continuous product maintenance with our regular firmware releases, thus protecting investments and also ensuring that systems already installed in the field keep getting better," explains Dr. Alexander Trapp, Product Manager Radar Solutions at dSPACE.

The new functions can be seen in action at EuMW in the Radar Test Bench Compact 3D and in several demonstrations of individual DARTS. The fully operational exhibit (Booth 321A) simulates highly dynamic scenarios for a state-of-the-art 4D digital imaging radar.

About dSPACE

dSPACE is a leading provider of simulation and validation solutions worldwide for developing networked, autonomous, and electrically powered vehicles. The company's range of end-to-end solutions are used particularly by automotive manufacturers and their suppliers to test the software and hardware components in their new vehicles long before a new model is allowed on the road. Not only is dSPACE a sought-after partner in vehicle development, engineers also rely on our know-how at dSPACE when it comes to aerospace and industrial automation. Our portfolio ranges from end-to-end solutions for simulation and validation to engineering and consulting services as well as training and support. With more than 2,400 employees worldwide, dSPACE is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany; has three project centers in Germany; and serves customers through its regional companies in the USA, the UK, France, Japan, China, Croatia, Korea, and India.

Envorem has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Saudia Arabia-based Greenland Environmental Services to provide its innovative technology to help the Kingdom in its environmental efforts. Envorem and Greenland Environmental Services are building a roadmap for localization to manufacture the recycling systems in Saudi Arabia to support the Saudi 2030 vision, the Saudi Green Initiative, and Saudi Aramco’s In-Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva) program.

As a leading global energy producer, Saudi Arabia is committed to contributing positively to the worldwide fight against climate change. Since the launch of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia has made tremendous progress in addressing its unique environmental challenges, but there is much more to be done. The Saudi Green Initiative, launched in 2021, is a long-term sustainable action plan which aims to address climate change, reduce emissions, and increase the use of clean energy in the Kingdom.

2023 09 13 103027Adam Majzoub, Director of Greenland said, “We at Greenland believe in the importance of being environmentally conscious and fully understand the importance of our establishment, and the responsibility that comes with it. We are committed to running our operations in line with the National waste management ambitions outlined in the kingdom's 2030 Vision for achieving environmental sustainability, increasing the efficiency of waste management, as well as establishing a comprehensive circular economy. With our strategic partnership with ENVOREM, we believe that we can contribute and align these mandates in the Kingdom.”

Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals company and is committed to leading the energy transition. Sustainability factors have become increasingly critical for Aramco, as it aims to balance profitability, environmental protection, and the growth and prosperity of the communities in which it operates. Saudi Aramco and the Kingdom’s (iktva) program aims to grow a localized manufacturing sector, increase global competitiveness by supporting a diverse economic environment, and drive future prosperity within the Kingdom. There are also other companies in Saudi Arabia that have a clear program for soil/sludge remediation and have mandates under the Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC).

“We are pleased to align our innovative technology with a company that already makes a significant contribution to waste management in Saudi Arabia, has great links with the Saudia authorities, and already holds numerous waste transportation contracts,” Iman Hill, Envorem’s recently appointed Chair said. “Within the Saudi Vision 2030 and its Green Initiative, there are ambitious targets for waste management and recycling, and this MOU is an important step in building a partnership in service of that vision, with Envorem’s unique technology at the heart of it.”

Envorem has developed an innovative new technology that uses a little-known property of water to process production sludges, cleaning the solids and recovering the entrained oil without generating emissions. The technology combines established techniques with hydraulic shock and cavitation, where bubbles are created by the vaporization of water, a phenomenon copied from the natural world. Cavitation can be generated ultrasonically, electrically, or physically and is widely known as a parasitic effect that destroys propellers on ships and the impellers of pumps. The collapse of cavitation bubbles is so powerful it liberates metal fragments from the surfaces. Envorem harnesses these forces to drive oil contamination out of sludges and solids using less than 10% of the energy required for thermal treatment techniques.

Envorem Limited is a UK based company that has developed a fast, compact Greentech to treat oily sludge without generating emissions by exploiting an obscure natural phenomenon in water. Paid to deploy a large-scale demonstration system to the state oil company of Oman, it successfully cleaned their sludge and recovered 99% of the oil for recycling. Compared to incineration, just one system can save every hour, the equivalent of emissions generated by an airline flight from London to New York. Just 12 systems would save more CO2 than all the UK forests combined.

The oil industry discards around 1% of all crude oil as waste generating 120 million tonnes of oily sludge every year with global legacy deposits exceeding 1.8 billion tonnes. Currently, with no environmental way to treat these, they are either incinerated or dumped with massive environmental impact on our oceans, land and air. The company’s mission is to address the legacy created by the global dependence on oil; displacing current sludge disposal practices with environmentally responsible technology and, cleaning our fragile environment by remediating the world’s inventory of tailings ponds and sludge lagoons. Having secured funding from Innovate-UK and private investors, Envorem is now accelerating commercialisation of the technology.

Rhenus is set to continue its growth and increase its presence in Venlo, with the construction of a new 33,000 square metre building. Rhenus and asset manager abrdn signed a sustainable redevelopment agreement for a period of 20 years. The building, located in Greenport Venlo, will be redeveloped into a BREEAM Excellent and Well Silver building, as per the requirement of Rhenus.

The building will be divided into a 16,000 square metre warehouse, 12,000 square metre transshipment, 3,300 square metre mezzanine and 1,400 square metre office. Construction will start in September is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2024.

“This location next to the motorway forms an important link in our international groupage 2.0 network”, says Michael van Ooijen, Regional Manager at Rhenus Road. “From Venlo, we can easily drive to other countries or trans-shipment centres in Europe. We will have 12,000 square metres at our disposal for trans-shipment. With groupage 2.0 we want to create a pan-European, full-coverage network for our customers based on daily departures with reliable transit times. Our aim is to become one of the five largest European service providers for groupage transport.”

2023 09 13 102612

Nick van Loon, Managing Director Rhenus Road adds: “Additionally, we can offer our customers transport-related storage of 16,000 square metres in Venlo. Moreover, we have all the space here to shape and give substance to the cooperation with other Rhenus divisions and to grow along with our customers. After the redevelopment, the premises will meet our specific needs and requirements.”

Abrdn was supported commercially in this transaction by JLL and M2 Real Estate. Rhenus Road was assisted in this transaction by VSR Vastgoed Advies. Savills advised abrdn in the technical process, Volantess advised Rhenus Road in the technical process, and DLA Piper Nederland assisted abrdn during the legal process.

About Rhenus

The Rhenus Group is one of the leading logistics specialists with global business operations and annual turnover amounting to EUR 8.6 billion. 39,000 employees work at 1,120 business sites and develop innovative solutions along the complete supply chain. Whether providing transport, warehousing, customs clearance or value-added services, the family-owned business pools its operations in various business units where the needs of customers are the major focus at all times.

About abrdn
• Abrdn is a global investment company that helps clients and customers plan, save and invest for the future. Our purpose is to enable our clients to be better investors.
• Our strategy is to deliver client-led growth. We are structured around three businesses – Investments, Adviser and Personal – focused on their changing needs.
• The capabilities in our Investments business are built on the strength of our insight – generated from wide-ranging research, worldwide investment expertise and local market knowledge.
• Our teams collaborate across regions, asset classes and specialisms, connecting diverse perspectives and working with clients to identify investment opportunities that suit their needs.
• As at 30 June 2023, our Investments business manages EUR428.4 bn on behalf of clients - including insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, independent wealth managers, pension funds, platforms, banks and family offices.

The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and investors may get back less than the amount invested.


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