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UNTHA shredding technology has launched an innovative new cutter refurbishment service, to further improve its environmental performance – and reduce customers’ wear costs by up to 50%.

Cutting discs from UNTHA’s four shaft shredders can now be returned to the firm’s Austrian HQ for hardfacing and re-assembly – restoring them to their original dimensions with the same manufacturer quality seal.

The launch of the reconditioning service follows a €1.000.000 investment in a state-of-the-art CNC line and specially-adapted welding additives. It means customers can now repeat the hardfacing process several times, extending the overall service life and sustainability credentials of UNTHA’s shredding technology, and reducing the whole life running costs of UNTHA’s machines. The process is up to 50% more cost-effective than the price of a new cutter set, and such savings can be reaped multiple times.

“Some customers will know when the time is right for cutters to be refurbished, without our input, whereas others will be reliant on an inspection from our engineers – either way, we can support with the end-to-end process,” commented Bernhard Walkner, UNTHA’s key account manager. “Crucially, our original manufacturing quality standard is maintained, which means so too are the performance levels you could expect from one of our four shaft shredders, without having to invest in new cutters.”

Cutter ReconditioningCutter Reconditioning

The cutter reconditioning process follows five key steps – the visual inspection and cleaning of the cutting set, preparation of the welding seam, hardfacing along the cutting geometry, precision milling, and final inspection and dispatch.

“The actual saving potential will vary depending on every individual customer’s operating hours, throughputs and application type,” continued Bernhard. “But an RS100 with an average cutter life of 900 hours, for example, can easily show 40% cost savings, when reconditioning instead of replacing. If you recondition three times, it soon add up to impressive five-figure numbers.

“If anyone needs help determining when the time is right for reconditioning, calculating the potential financial savings, and understanding the environmental benefits, let’s talk it through.”

There are more than 12,000 UNTHA shredders in operation worldwide. Earlier this year, the company – now with over 300 employees – announced record turnover in excess of €70m.

For further information about this service, please contact UNTHA UK on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0330 056 4455.

2020 11 03 091235The Board of Directors of Metso Outotec Corporation has decided to start repurchasing the company's own shares based on the authorization given by the 2022 Annual General Meeting. The shares shall be repurchased to be used as a part of the company’s share-based incentive plans. The maximum number of shares to be repurchased is 3,036,000 and the maximum amount to be used for the repurchase is EUR 30 million. The shares will be repurchased in public trading on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. in one or several instalments at the market price prevailing at the time of the purchase. The share repurchase will start on August 9, 2022, at the earliest and end by March 31, 2023, at the latest.

The General Meeting held on April 21, 2022, authorized the Board of Directors to decide on the repurchase of a maximum of 82,000,000 of the company's own shares.

Metso Outotec has a total of 828,972,440 shares, of which the company currently owns 300,505 shares.

Further information:

Juha Rouhiainen, VP, Investor Relations, Metso Outotec Corporation, tel. +358 20 4843253, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PTC has just announced that, for the fourth consecutive year, it has been named the overall leader and a “Best in Class” vendor for its Vuforia® augmented reality (AR) solution suite in PAC’s Innovation RADAR report.

  • PTC’s Vuforia augmented reality solution suite described as “most comprehensive enterprise AR solution suite available in the market…”

The prestigious report assessed AR vendors’ support for connected workers in two criteria categories: competence and market strength.

The Farnborough-based company received the highest scores for both categories, whilst also garnering positive feedback from AR client references for addressing the highest priority industrial and enterprise AR use cases, and supporting a wide range of AR hardware options, from smartphones and tablets to wearable devices, such as the Microsoft HoloLens 2 and the RealWear Navigator 500.

“Our analysis shows that PTC’s Vuforia continues to be the most comprehensive enterprise AR solution suite available in the market,” said the report’s lead analyst and author, Arnold Vogt. “

2022 08 08 092549

“It is well positioned to help its customers and their connected workers realise tangible value from AR for use cases like training, service and repair, and manufacturing quality inspection and validation.”

Michael Campbell, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Augmented Reality at PTC, added his thoughts: “Earning this recognition as the overall leader in PAC’s latest AR report reinforces the value that we deliver to our Vuforia customers and the strengths of our product and go-to-market strategies.”

He concluded: “We’re pleased to be at the forefront of the growing enterprise AR market as use cases expand, new hardware providers enter the space, and industrial companies realise increasing value from these solutions.”

The full report, “Open Digital Platforms for the Industrial World 2022” is available here.

About PAC

Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) is a content-based company with a consulting DNA. Since 1976, PAC has delivered focused and objective responses to the growth challenges of software & IT service vendors worldwide. We are the preferred partner for European software and IT service companies to define their strategy, strengthen market share, optimise GTM, and help position their thought leadership. PAC is proudly an analyst-lead consultancy spread over multiple locations across Europe. We cover market research for over 30 countries worldwide, delivered through our portfolio pillars Guidance, Insights and Visibility and our renowned research platform SITSI ®. For more information, please visit


PTC enables global manufacturers to realise double-digit impact with software solutions that enable them to accelerate product and service innovation, improve operational efficiency, and increase workforce productivity. In combination with an extensive partner network, PTC provides customers flexibility in how its technology can be deployed to drive digital transformation – on premises, in the cloud, or via its pure SaaS platform.

Rising energy costs and more stringent legislation guiding sustainable practices are spurring companies to re-evaluate processes and seek new tools and technologies to reduce waste and overcome challenges in today’s industrial environments.

Fluke, a global technology leader in the manufacturer of compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools and software, today shares the top three trends that are enhancing operational efficiency in today’s industrial environments.

Challenges posed to industrial operations managers by the pandemic have now been superseded by the rising cost of energy, and the need to deliver on net zero ambitions. As the price of energy continues to increase, the need to reduce costs and deliver on shared sustainability goals intensifies for small-to-medium-sized enterprises through to large corporations.

Paul Feenstra, Vice President Fluke EMEA, at Fluke said: “We are working together with our customers to help drive new initiatives to improve operations, increase efficiencies, and take reliability to a new level in the 21st century.”

Fluke's ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager has dual uses for the detection of compressed air leaks and partical dischargeFluke's ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager has dual uses for the detection of compressed air leaks and partical discharge

  • Reducing energy costs with upgraded technology and cloud-based data monitoring

Approximately 90% of all companies use compressed air in some aspect of their operation, such that it is often referred to as the fourth utility. Recent developments in industrial acoustic imaging technology have enabled the fast identification of leaks in compressed air systems used in industrial and manufacturing environments. Fluke’s ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager features an array of microphones, providing visualisation of sound field within an expanded field-of-view and at a distance of up to 70 meters, which enables maintenance teams to visually locate air leaks very quickly and accurately in compressed air systems.

Beyond the improvement of rugged handheld tools, monitoring practices are also evolving with the use of internet-connected instruments. Analysis and data is captured on a cloud platform allowing operators to monitor the key performance indicators (KPI) of compressed air systems including energy, electric power, flow, pressure and leakage flow. Fluke’s LeakQ™ Report Generator creates detailed air compressor leak reports from images captured by Fluke ii900 or the ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager and calculates the energy savings once the leaks are repaired.

  • Using data to deliver predictive maintenance

For generations, maintenance professionals have used preventive maintenance to avoid equipment failures and turned to reactive maintenance when assets failed. With the emergence of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, maintenance professionals can now connect tools, software and sensors to collect, store and analyse multiple data sources in one place. The pandemic accelerated investment in technologies that make remote monitoring possible. The technology enables reliability and maintenance teams to meet up-time requirements no matter how fluid on-site staffing might be. The trend for remote monitoring will continue, with small-scale operations turning to remote condition monitoring services.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have held the promise to quickly identify trends and adapt quickly to changing operational conditions. Software armed with prescriptive analytics is finally meeting up with modern condition monitoring hardware to spark a revolution in the use of AI/ML in maintenance operations.

Now a new race has emerged to pair that hardware and software with ML and AI algorithms. Companies, like Fluke, are working to combine technologies so that the software can identify trends, recognise data patterns and make specific recommendations for equipment maintenance.

Fluke's ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager captures still and video images of compressed air leaks at a facilityFluke's ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager captures still and video images of compressed air leaks at a facility

  • Digital SI speeds integration of critical equipment measurements

The accelerated uptake in digital measurement solutions for industrial applications can save time and money, whilst facilitating a shift towards predictive maintenance for systems. Although modern measurement digital devices are typically not fit-and-forget solutions, the increase in digital measurement solutions paves the way for verification technologies that can help to reduce the maintenance burden on personnel, without compromising on accuracy or reliability.

Digital SI (International System of Units), an initiative created as part of the industry 4.0 revolution, relates to the creation of a globalised system to transmit calibration certification information electronically. This is critical as the exchange of data and the data itself are the basis of highly automated industrial processes. The system ensures measurement traceability from all calibrations performed and enables sharing of information in a paperless manner. This speeds up the integration of measurements that can be performed using critical test equipment as part of an integrated factory enhancing maintenance efficiency and plant efficiency.

“The tests we have faced within the last 24-36 months is delivering a growing awareness among top management that fundamental changes in maintenance best practice need to occur in order to protect the bottom line,” said Paul Feenstra.  

“This is music to the ears of progressive industrial managers who have been advocating for investments to improve efficiencies and reliability of systems. Now is the time to make the case to adopt innovative technologies, tools, and processes to ensure your company maintains a competitive edge and thrives in this new environment.”

For more information about Fluke’s specialist products and services, go to:

About Fluke: Fluke’s mission is to be the world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools. The company’s products are used by technicians and engineers in service, installation, maintenance, manufacturing test, and quality functions in a variety of industries throughout the world. Founded in 1948, Fluke has offices in 13 European countries and distributes its products to over 100 countries around the globe. The company’s European revenues contribute approximately 40 per cent of worldwide sales.

Fluke’s headquarters are located in Everett, Washington State and the company employs over 2,500 people internationally. Its European sales and service headquarters are located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

FLUKE is a registered trademark of Fluke Corporation. For more information, visit the Fluke website at

International technology group ANDRITZ has received another order from Toyo Engineering Corporation in Japan to supply a 50-MW PowerFluid circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler on EPS basis. The boiler will be part of the biomass power plant in Gobo, Wakayama Prefecture, in Japan. Start-up is planned for 2025.

ANDRITZ will supply a biomass boiler and flue gas cleaning system to Wakayama Gobo Biomass Power Plant G.K. in Japan.

The ANDRITZ PowerFluid (CFB) will be designed with a reheat system and high steam parameters and integrated into a biomass-fired power generation facility to be fueled by wood pellets and palm kernel shells. With its state-of-the-art technology, it is the perfect solution to meet CO2 reduction targets and contribute towards carbon neutrality in Japan. The biomass power plant will be capable of supplying power for roughly 110,000 Japanese households.

ANDRITZ PowerFluid circulating fluidized bed boiler. Photo: ANDRITZANDRITZ PowerFluid circulating fluidized bed boiler. Photo: ANDRITZ

Biomass boilers and flue gas cleaning systems are part of the comprehensive ANDRITZ product portfolio of sustainable solutions that help customers to achieve their own sustainability goals in terms of climate and environmental protection.

This order once again confirms ANDRITZ’s strong partnership with Toyo Engineering Cooperation. The project is the 12th to be conducted in cooperation with Toyo Engineering. ANDRITZ is proud to be part of this remarkable project and make another important contribution toward the Japanese power industry’s move from fossil fuel to renewable energy resources.


International technology group ANDRITZ offers a broad portfolio of innovative plants, equipment, systems, services and digital solutions for a wide range of industries and end markets. ANDRITZ is a global market leader in all four of its business areas – Pulp & Paper, Metals, Hydro, and Separation. Technological leadership, global presence and sustainability are the cornerstones of the group’s strategy, which is focused on long-term profitable growth. The publicly listed group has around 27,400 employees and over 280 locations in more than 40 countries.


ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper provides sustainable technology, automation, and service solutions for the production of all types of pulp, paper, board and tissue. The technologies and services focus on maximum utilization of raw materials, increased production efficiency, lower overall operating costs as well as innovative decarbonization strategies and autonomous plant operation. Boilers for power generation, flue gas cleaning systems, various nonwoven technologies, panelboard (MDF) production systems, as well as recycling and shredding solutions for numerous waste materials also form a part of this business area. State-of-the-art IIoT technologies as part of Metris digitalization solutions complete the comprehensive product offering.

Grandblue Bioenvironment Co., Ltd. has successfully started up two ANDRITZ ADuro QZ1600-BIO shredders at its mills in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, and Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, China.

The two new ADuro QZ1600-BIO shredders process kitchen waste at a design capacity of 15 t/h each and pulp the organic fraction effectively by means of rotating chains. Non-organic material like plastics remains largely intact enabling optimum separation in subsequent process steps. The machines do not use any cutting tools, but gently and quickly break up the input material per impact forces. Compared to conventional cutting systems, the ADuro QZ offers significant advantages in terms of performance and wear.

Yang Rongmei, Technology Manager, Grandblue Bioenvironment Technology says: “In 2016, we collaborated with ANDRITZ for the first time, as part of a pilot project for kitchen waste treatment. This was later followed by another successful project for our Zhangzhou mill. ANDRITZ equipment has shown excellent performance. Especially the gas formation is more efficient due to shorter fermentation times, resulting in an overall higher gas yield in the fermenter.”

  ADuro QZ1600BIO shredder for kitchen waste treatment © ANDRITZ ADuro QZ1600BIO shredder for kitchen waste treatment © ANDRITZ

Grandblue Bioenvironment will soon start up two more ADuro QZ1600-BIO shredders and equipment for compacting delivered by ANDRITZ for additional kitchen waste treatment plants in Hebei and Hubei provinces, China.

Grandblue Bioenvironment Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grandblue Environment Co., Ltd., a listed company focusing on environmental industry. Grandblue Environment focuses on several business fields, including solid waste treatment, energy, and water supply, as well as drainage. The company operates 12 treatment plants for kitchen waste and animal manure with a total capacity of about 3,000 t/d.


International technology group ANDRITZ offers a broad portfolio of innovative plants, equipment, systems, services and digital solutions for a wide range of industries and end markets. ANDRITZ is a global market leader in all four of its business areas – Pulp & Paper, Metals, Hydro, and Separation. Technological leadership, global presence and sustainability are the cornerstones of the group’s strategy, which is focused on long-term profitable growth. The publicly listed group has around 27,100 employees and over 280 locations in more than 40 countries.


The ANDRITZ plant range offers recycling solutions for a wide variety of different applications: Electronic and electrical waste, refrigerators, cables and flexible wires, metals, end-of-life vehicle parts like oil filters, motor blocks and tires, household, industrial, organic and wood waste as well as rejects from the pulp and paper industry. The service offering includes system and machine modernization, rebuilds, spare and wear parts, on-site and workshop services, optimization of process performance, maintenance and automation solutions, as well as machine relocation and second-hand equipment.

Wednesday, 03 August 2022 11:24

Grand Opening of Peljesac Bridge in Croatia

MCI® Technology Applied on One of the World’s Most Demanding Construction Projects!

On 26 of July, Pelješac Bridge, the largest ever EU infrastructure investment in Croatia, officially opened in grand ceremony. The bridge, providing a road link between two parts of the country is of strategic importance and is one of the most substantial EU infrastructural investments ever. It connects the region of Southern Dalmatia with the rest of the country's mainland. The bridge will cut travel time by 37 minutes along the Adriatic coastline, improving people’s lives and increasing economic opportunities for the region. It has 13 spans, five of which are 285 meters long, six centrally placed reinforced concrete pylons with a height of 33 meters, and two lanes together with a stop lane that will serve for bridge maintenance.

Peljesac bridge is ranking among the most demanding bridges in the world—in complexity of construction and design. Bridge is 2,404-m (7,887.14-ft) long.

ln order to meet the main criteria of quality design, such as stability, durability, economy and integration into the environment, the design proposed the construction of an extra dosed bridge with an integrated hybrid structure. Structure is comprised of five central spans, each 285-m long, and six low pylons. Especially careful approach was taken to ensure durability for the extended lifespan of over 130 years. Cortec’s MCI® 2018 was specified on this project during the design phase as a silane-based impregnation with a migrating inhibitor property to protect against the harmful effects of corrosion, thus extending the service life of the bridge. MCI® 2018 is a 100% silane-based concrete sealer, containing migrating corrosion inhibitors that allow deep penetration into concrete and provides water repellence by chemically reacting with the cementitious substrate. It seals surface pores, preventing the intrusion of chlorides, reduces carbonation, and protects from the ingress of wind-driven rain. Treated concrete surfaces are fully breathable and their natural moisture-vapor transmission is not affected. After repair of surface damage and cleaning of discolorations and other surface defects, the concrete surface of the pylons needed to be protected with a colorless silane coating to improve durability and increase the resistance of the concrete surface to long-term external influences. MCI®-2018 carries CE certification that indicates conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

 2022 08 03 112251

Application of Cortec’s MCI®-2018

A combination of AC coatings, cathodic protection of steel reinforcement in piles and pile heads, a concrete cover of 65–85 mm stainless steel reinforcement and impregnation of all concrete surfaces with MCI®-2018 was selected. This was chosen as the strategy to help the bridge achieve a 130-year service life. MCI®-2018 was applied on the entire substructure of the bridge. All concrete parts were coated with MCI®-2018 by a spraying technique. The work was performed in accordance with the project requirements and after surface preparation to full functionality.

This included:

  • Access to pylons
  • Rehabilitation of the concrete surface of the pylons
  • Cleaning the concrete surface of the pylon (washing the pillars with water)
  • Impregnation of the concrete surface of the pylon with MCI®-2018.

MCI®-2018 contains time-proven Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®). The silane component provides water repellency by chemically reacting with the cementitious substrate under proper application, decreasing the ingress of aggressive materials. The product penetrates deep into concrete, providing corrosion protection to reinforcing steel from existing water and chloride ions, or other contaminants. Continuous monitoring of the condition of the structure at one central place was done during the construction phase and will be done at the exploitation phase to examine parameters of structural behavior, time, seismic activity, and structural durability. The designer of the bridge specified corrosion protection for all concrete segments in order to achieve a 130-year service life.

Cortec’s CEO, Boris Miksic, Croatian-American businessman is proud that his patented technology was used on this historic project to connect two parts of his country. “Our MCI® technology is used in largest construction projects throughout the globe. Witnessing its application in my home country on this monumental bridge structure is truly a special. Peljesac bridge is huge step forward for all of us.”  A strategic investment such as this bridge, demonstrates European Commission’s commitment to bring people together and unite territories, while reinforcing the territorial cohesion of the region and helping other neighboring countries.

You can learn more about Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI®) here:

Cortec® Corporation is the global leader in innovative, environmentally responsible VpCI® and MCI® corrosion control technologies for Packaging, Metalworking, Construction, Electronics, Water Treatment, Oil & Gas, and other industries.  Our relentless dedication to sustainability, quality, service, and support is unmatched in the industry. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, Cortec® manufactures over 400 products distributed worldwide.  ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, & ISO 17025 Certified.

Cortec Website:

One of the UK’s leading specialists in the recycling and treatment of waste lubricating oils has expanded its US division through a second acquisition in just six months.

Slicker Recycling has announced the acquisition of Ohio-based high voltage metal recycling company, Cleveland Industrial Recycling, which will be integrated into Slicker’s US business, Hydrodec.

The expansion deal promises multiple carbon-cutting benefits for customers, with the joint expertise of both businesses set to play a greater role in helping companies offset carbon emissions, conserve fossil fuels and gain Carbon Credits to help meet their sustainability goals.

The deal is the latest positive news for Slicker after it acquired Hydrodec in November last year.

The expanded company, which now counts over 50 employees, will be led by Gary Smith who becomes CEO of the US business – promoted from his role as Slicker’s operations director. Jim Szoka, former owner of Cleveland Industrial Recycling, will become the executive chairman of the new-look company.

Cleveland Industrial RecyclingCleveland Industrial Recycling

Mark Olpin, Executive Chairman of Slicker Recycling said: “This is an exciting acquisition for us and maintains our ongoing, rapid growth in the US market.

“We saw so many synergies between Hydrodec and the team at Cleveland and we can now closely integrate our expertise. There are efficiencies we will gain for used oil extraction and metal recycling, but the deal will also allow us to work with more businesses to help them achieve their green objectives and be awarded by gaining sought-after Carbon Credits.

“There are so many compatibilities between both companies. Cleveland’s specialist team decommission tonnes of high voltage scrap metal and transformers every day, but now they can work hand-in-hand with our team at Hydrodec to ensure used oil is extracted, refined and recycled back into the market.

“It is a merger which means we are extending the value chain, and offering a closed-loop, end-to-end solution for companies across the United States.”

Jim Szoka, executive chairman of Hydrodec North America added: “This merger is the next logical step for Cleveland Industrial Recycling and will not only extend the

value chain, but give a complete, closed loop process when it comes to us recycling various types of metals and ensuring oil is extracted.

“We see a great fit with Slicker Recycling and Hydrodec so it is an exciting time for everyone involved.”

Cleveland Industrial Recycling has 29 employees. Aside from its 74-acre Ashtabula Ohio facility which processes high voltage scrap metal, the company also has sites in Mercer, Pennsylvania and Akron, Ohio which also process and drain transformers and high voltage electrical equipment.

The merger sees Slicker Recycling, which is headquartered in Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, further building its circular economy credentials after the 2020 opening of its $95 million base oil re-refinery in Denmark through a joint venture with its German partner, Avista AG.

Readers can visit for further information on the company’s services and expertise.

Buck & Hickman, the UK’s leading supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services, has launched a new fast and flexible Bore and Keyway Machining Service.

This latest addition to the company’s range of engineering services has seen new bore, keyway and grubscrew machinery installed, operated by experienced in-house engineers. Now, Brammer Buck & Hickman can rework products to suit customers’ specific requirements and within a short time frame.

The new Bore and Keyway Machining Service encompasses horizontal and vertical adaptations. The service that is expected to have the greatest demand is machining customer bore and keyways into pilot bored products such as sprockets and couplings. Sprockets are stocked either pre-bored to receive a taper lock bush, or as pilot bored versions that can be machined with multiple bore sizes. In addition, a bespoke service is offered enabling modification to off the shelf products.

2022 08 03 110858

Darren Smart, Category Director - MRO at Brammer Buck & Hickman, commented: “Whilst we have been providing a basic Bore and Keyway Machining Service to customers, up until now this has been outsourced. By investing in state-of-the-art machinery, and staff training, we are delighted to bring this service in-house, for a far more flexible service and a considerably faster turnaround. We can now meet customers’ bespoke requirements and specific tolerances, regardless of whether it is non-standard or has a slightly different fit.”

The new Bore and Keyway Machining Service joins Brammer Buck & Hickman’s range of engineering services which include specialist workshop, gearbox repair and other engineering services geared towards saving customers money.

Brammer Buck & Hickman is part of the Rubix group, Europe’s largest supplier of industrial MRO products and services. For more information, please go to

About Brammer Buck & Hickman 

Brammer Buck & Hickman is the UK’s leading technical specialist distributor of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products, as well as supplying multiple value-added services. Branches across the breadth of the UK provide customers with quick and easy access to more than 5 million products, from bearings, power transmission and fluid power through to tools and health & safety products. This extensive product portfolio is underpinned by specialist engineering services as well as condition monitoring. At the heart of Brammer Buck & Hickman’s service is a commitment to providing customers with cost savings through:  

  • reducing total acquisition costs 
  • improving production efficiency
  • reducing working capital.

Brammer Buck & Hickman is part of the Rubix group, Europe’s largest supplier of industrial MRO products and services.

Proven measurement technology for monitoring water content in natural gas gets an upgrade with better data handling and network connectivity, an improved user interface, and enhanced modularity for optimal field serviceability.

August 2, 2022 – Endress+Hauser announced a new version of its J22 TDLAS gas analyzer, an update to the initial release in 2021. The J22 tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) analyzer continues the tradition established by its predecessor with best-in-class accuracy, a user-friendly interface, integrated diagnostics, and a host of modular hardware.

The latest updates include support for the Modbus TCP/IP protocol, which enables users to communicate with their analyzers from a central network location in a bidirectional, secure point-to-point manner. Combined with the addition of a native web server, this enables users to easily monitor, configure, and service the analyzer remotely.

“Modularity and increased uptime are functional designs unique to this analyzer. The J22 was designed to be almost 100% field serviceable,” said Alan Garza, Endress+Hauser advanced analysis product expert. “The goal is to allow users the freedom to repair their analyzer without the need to send it back to us, giving the customer the ability to decide when and where to service their analyzer if needed.”

2022 08 03 105901

Enhancements in analyzer interface and hardware

In addition to field-service and Modbus communication, Endress+Hauser implemented a user-friendly web server into the J22, which can be used to configure, service, and optimize the analyzer for efficient operation in every process stream. End users can perform these functions from any device with a web browser on the Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet network or connected to the RJ45 service port.

The J22 offers selectable and modular hardware, including:

  • Membrane separator
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Bypass armored flow indicator & control
  • Analyzer armored flow indicator & control with flow switch
  • Thermostat
  • Check valve

“We are always looking for ways to partner with our customers to understand how we can improve their day-to-day processes,” Garza explains. “Our customers provided great feedback on how these enhancements can improve their experience – so we took that and ran with it.”

The updated J22 TDLAS gas analyzer is available now.

For more information, please visit

About Endress+Hauser  

Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement and automation technology for process and laboratory applications. The family company, headquartered in Reinach, Switzerland, achieved net sales of approximately 2.9 billion euros (3.3 billion U.S. dollars) in 2021 with a total workforce of more than 15,000 worldwide. Endress+Hauser devices, solutions and services are at home in many industries. Customers thus use them to gain valuable knowledge from their applications. This enables them to improve their products, work economically and at the same time protect people and the environment. For further information

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