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The Swedish Transport Administration approves AFRY Flowity artificial intelligence for measuring traffic

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By using AFRY Flowity, the Swedish Transport Administration can reduce work environment risks associated with manual measurements, in addition to streamlining the data management.

AFRY Flowity, developed by AFRY’s digital accelerator program AFRY X, uses cutting-edge technology to conduct special measurements of vehicle traffic, including bicycle and moped traffic in urban environments. By approving AFRY Flowity as a tool for special measurements, the Swedish Transport Administration advances its position in the digitalisation of the transport system.  

2019 11 25 090513”Flowity is not only a new way of measuring things, we are revolutionizing the way we can collect information. Everything that could not be connected yesterday, such as mobility and behaviour in traffic or even the quality of the road, can today have its own part of the digital world. At the same time, preserving confidentiality and integrity. This is thanks to AFRY Flowity's unique edge AI system”, says Fredrik Hofflander, Head of AFRY X AI Lab.

AFRY Flowity consists of sensors that can be placed anywhere to monitor people or traffic flows, they are designed so that no video or image can be extracted. The unit converts patterns to datapoint values, such as the number of passing motor vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians, speeds and type of vehicle, and exports them. Collection of this type of data in traffic-intensive environments has historically required manual handling.

Using AFRY Flowity and its artificial intelligence reduces the climate impact, improves work environment and enables a quicker implementation of measures based on collected data. This enables reducing the risk of traffic congestions, accidents, and planning maintenance or temporary traffic diversions with a minimum of disruption.

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