Tuesday, 18 June 2013 13:07

Motors for world's largest natural heat-pump system

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MV motors from ABB are being used in the world's largest district-wide natural heat-pump system.

Based on technology from Star Refrigeration of Glasgow, the system will provide over 13MW of heat for Drammen, near Oslo, via a network of underground pipes.

The heat pump extracts heat from sea water by raising the temperature of an ammonia refrigerant via a heat exchanger.

The now gaseous ammonia is then compressed by a motor driven compressor, heating it to around 90°C. The heat from the ammonia is then transferred via another heat exchanger to the hot water supply system.

Six ABB 11 kV motors will be used to drive the ammonia compressors, three of 660 kW and three of 1250 kW.

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