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German Startup makes decentral plastic waste recycling possible

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The Dresden-based German company Biofabrik, specialized in plastic and oil recycling, has announced the successful commissioning of their most well-known technology – the WASTX Plastic machine. The first industrially manufactured WASTX Plastic plant has now been completed in cooperation with a global plant manufacturer and is ready to be delivered to the first customers in Germany and abroad.

Committed to finding solutions for some of the most challenging environmental problems, the community of Biofabrik has dedicated more than 7 years of researching and developing to present to the public a unique technology, which can convert plastic waste into energy. As one of the goals of the German start-up is to build hundreds of mini-recycling factories around the globe, the WASTX Plastic plant is also fully automatic and decentralized, which means it can be operated remotely.
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The commissioning of the first industrial WASTX Plastic machine comes only a short time before clients in the UK, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and many other countries around the globe start receiving their first pilot machines as official international distributors of Biofabrik. The final product - synthetic crude oil, can be used either directly on-site as an energy source or as a raw material for recycled plastic, depending on the desired application.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the Biofabrik company, including:
    Meeting all requirements for the transfer to serial production in 2019
    The successful endurance of long-term tests and multiple check-ups on the quality of the final product
    Implementing numerous improvements in the pilot plant, such as an optimized reactor technology and the highest safety standards.

Biofabrik Technologies GmbH

Founded in 2011, in Dresden, Germany, The Biofabrik Company has one mission: make the world we live in a better place. Chaired by CEO Oliver Riedel and CSO Jorg Metzner, Biofarbik specializes in developing technologies that contribute to the sustainable management of energy, waste, and nutrition issues around the globe.

The Biofabrik team has successfully implemented two main technologies, which are currently on an international roll-out distribution: the WASTX Plastic and the WASTX Oil Plants. The WASTX Plastic technology is capable of processing plastic waste into energetically usable and tradable oil. Each plant can process up to 5,000 kg of plastic waste per day in a decentralized and fully automatic way.

The WASTX Oil technology transforms up to 3,000 litres of contaminated oil daily into a fresh base oil, which can be re-introduced into the cycle of materials. The WASTX Oil is currently the most compact system present in the world, that can solve the waste oil issue in every village and every city, regardless of location, bypassing the need to use large disposal companies.
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