BENDCHECK - Zumbach's laser measurement system supervises the quality directly in the production process.

This non-contact measuring solution opens tremendous potential to tube and rod manufacturers for in-line quality assurance - and is achieved without laborious, manual measurements. Many manufacturers of pipe and steel bar are constantly faced with the same problem, as straightness is a significant criteria of quality. ZUMBACH offers solutions with its BENDCHECK system.

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Advantages for the quality control

  • Synchronous real-time scanning in the production process
  • Quality assurance right after the straightening process - Important for the steel industry
  • Direct integration into the production process (customer specific installation)
  • No time-consuming and laborious checks with manual tools

Basic System Function

The basic function of the BENDCHECK system is the measurement of any bend / deflections within round products. The system measures the position and diameter of the product at 3 different locations along its axis. BENDCHECK calculates the deviation of position measured by the central measuring head from a virtual straight line projected from the position measurement of the left head in comparison to the position measurement of the right head. The operator can select the preferred formula for the bend calculation depending product requirements. Thanks to this information, the bend of the product is continuously calculated and graphically displayed. As soon as the product leaves the measurement field, a complete data log file is released for each product, featuring position, diameter and bend measurements.


The relevant data is visualized on a clearly arranged display. Diameter, absolute bending value, bending angle as well as the individual current measurements of the 3 measuring heads are visible at a glance.

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