Small components play a large role in medical equipment

Several of the companies within the Lesjöfors Group have many years of experience supplying the medical industry. We would like to introduce some examples of spring products specially manufactured for this industry of current interest.

Highly demanded medical components

European Springs & Pressings in the UK is one of the Lesjöfors companies with customers in the medical industry. Their medical range includes springs that go into the mouthpieces for ventilators, catheter clips to syringe drivers, patient beds and trolley systems, instrumentation and numerous electrical components for medical technologies including defibrillators. ESP manufacture the largest range of springs and pressings in the UK and have some of the most advanced high-volume machinery available. At peak, the machines can manufacture 5 million springs an hour and specific production lines have been repurposed and upscaled to manage orders.

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Stuart McSheehy, Managing Director comments on the situation: “We have developed tooling and manufactured medical components for the healthcare sector for decades but today’s climate and subsequent increase in demand has highlighted the market share with which we and our customers operate in. Normally validation as a new supplier takes months of trials before volume production but in this very abnormal period we’ve been fast-tracking processes to suit our customers and are beyond proud to be able to play a supportive role in today’s climate.”

Other medical spring solutions

Below is a selection of other spring solutions for the medical industry signed Lesjöfors:

Cleanliness and hygiene

Our companies that supply components for the healthcare technology and medicine industries meet the highest demands of cleanliness in products and manufacturing environment. Since Lesjöfors has sales and production facilities in many countries worldwide, we can assure deliveries.

Contact us for medical requirements

We have well-established relationships with many med-tech companies which we regularly meet e.g. at exhibitions like Medtec Ireland. Nevertheless, we can assist many more customers within this field with customized solutions for springs, gas springs or pressings.

Lesjöfors is one of the leading spring suppliers with internationally well known customers. The products are demanded in many markets, in diverse industries. The assortment of springs, stampings and pressings has a unique range, where one of the largest selections of standard springs are combined with high-tech, customized solutions. Lesjöfors has both manufacturing and sales offices in several European countries, Asia, United States and Mexico.