Jobs boom in Australia’s mining industry

The Australian Resources and Energy Group has published a report predicting that the sector will need 21,000 new workers by 2024, putting pressure on new and approved mining projects to deliver long-term jobs.

GlobalData’s mining technology writer Umar Ali lists the top four positions on the mining ‘wanted’ list.

2017 04 20 114457Mining plant operators

“The Australian Resources and Energy Group (AMMA) predicts that of the 20,767 employees needed in Australia’s mining sector by 2024, mining plant operators will see the most demand, with a total of 8,660 operators required across the country’s 57 total projects.

Western Australia (WA) accounts for more than 50% of this demand, with AMMA expecting that 4,464 mining plant operators will be needed in the region.”

Engineers and geologists

“Engineers, technicians, geologists and related roles are the second-largest group of jobs in AMMA’s report, with a total of 4,180 across Australia.

Of the “white collar” jobs in AMMA’s report engineers, technicians and geologists will require the most growth across Australia, with WA once again leading in demand with 2,138 required jobs.”

Supervisors and management

“Supervisors, management, administration and other white collar roles account for 4,110 of Australia’s 20,767 required mining jobs

These management roles will play an important part in maintaining Australia’s growing mining sector, with significant management structures needed to accommodate the growth predicted by AMMA.”

Electrical and maintenance roles

“Trades such as electrical, mechanical and maintenance roles account for 970 of the 20,767 jobs AMMA predicts Australia’s mining sector will need for 2024, the smallest demographic represented in the report.

“While these roles require the smallest amount of new jobs according to AMMA’s report, electrical and mechanical roles will still be an essential part of Australia’s mining sector, particularly in conjunction with global efforts to reduce emissions.”

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