SEMINARS - MAC to Hold Private Seminars



 Jakarta, Indonesia — August 21, 2014

Shanghai, China — September 23, 2014

With 85+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing nondestructive test instruments and systems for the metals industry, Magnetic Analysis Corp. will be hosting its own set of seminars this year is South-East Asia.

mac seminars

Building on the outstanding success of MAC’s Echomac® Rotary ultrasonic testers, the company will be featuring a new Spinning Tube ultrasonic test system at both seminars. This system features a unique APC (Automatic Pitch Control) transducer carrier which contains the water couplant and follows and adjusts to the pitch of the tube as it rotates through the tester. This allows testing of a large range of pipe sizes, including large diameters, with minimal transducer adjustments, if any, during size changeovers. Further, because the transducers are under the pipe, no tight fitting glands or shoes are needed, resulting in lower water circulation requirements, fewer wear components and virtually no changes required to the basic water tank on size changeover. This Spinning Tube transducer system can also be used for testing tube ends as well as for a retrofit or upgrade of existing installations.

MAC will also have a Rotomac® eddy current rotary and coil platform on display.

Information will be presented on test systems using a combination of more than one type of test technology, a requirement to meet many of today’s stringent test standards such as API and ASTM as well as information on inspection of specific products such as heat exchanger tube, wire, and so on. 

MAC’s knowledgeable field staff will provide information in multiple languages on all of Mac’s products. In Indonesia, our Guest will be Vice President Dudley Boden,Casey Powers, Systems Engineer, our Representative; Mr. Zulfikri Testindo, and David Terry; Business Development Manager for SE-Asia. In China, Our Guest will be Casey Powers, Systems Engineer and Jerry Zhu; Business Development Manager for China.

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